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Afghanistan-Pakistan-United States

Trilateral Watershed Rehabilitation and Irrigation Technologies
 The U.S.-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Working Group on “Watershed Rehabilitation and Irrigation technologies ” has identified the key focus area of building a regional partnership and capacity for efficient use and conservation of water for agriculture, improvement of soil and water conservation practices, and preparing a cadre of “train the trainer” specialists. More attention will be emphasized on improving practices and techniques adapted by the small farms and communities in the Afghanistan and Pakistan border areas.

The trilateral partners have identified the following sub-areas of focus:

  • On-farm water-use efficiency
  • Improved water conveyance
  • Small water storage structures
  • Watershed rehabilitation practices

Activities under this program will support the following objectives:

  • Observe on US study tour selected agricultural water saving technologies and practices and watershed rehabilitation practices which can be applied in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Demonstrate selected practices and technologies on demonstration farms or agricultural research stations in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, with associated train-the-trainer activities, materials, and farmer field days to foster dissemination.
  • Facilitate visits of Afghan and Pakistani agricultural officials to each of their countries to share information and provide consultation to each other on demonstrated practices and technologies
  • Report on which practices and technologies in watershed rehabilitation and irrigation each country has found to be effective based on field demonstrations and discussions with farmers, extension staff, and other agricultural professionals, and that could be the focus of future collaboration.